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Start a New Adventure with the FREE Super Servant Calendar

CTA - Christ to All /May. 20, 2019
Start a New Adventure with the FREE Super Servant Calendar

By Cherie Werner

Oh, if only you could be a kid on summer vacation again!

Remember sleeping in late, waking up to long days filled with fun and adventure, and finding new opportunities and special experiences?

Of course, adults don’t have summer vacations in this sense anymore, but wouldn’t it be great if you could help create one of the best summers ever for the kids in your ministry? You can!

Kick-start a new adventure for your kids and do something a little different this year by encouraging them to become Super Servants.

What is a Super Servant? It is someone who actively looks for opportunities to serve others and glorify God.

We’ve made becoming a Super Servant super easy! Just download the Super Servant calendar here and send one home with each of your students. Although this is in a calendar format, it does not have numbered dates, so the kids can start any time they want. Challenge them to do as many of the activities as they can and then encourage them to think of other ways that they can help others everywhere they go.

As you gather throughout the summer months and when the new ministry year starts in the fall, be sure to have students tell their stories about being Super Servants.

What summertime service opportunities are you planning for the kids in your ministry?

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