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Rest for Women’s Ministry Leaders - Bring Back Joy

CTA - Christ to All /Jan. 03, 2022
Rest for Women’s Ministry Leaders - Bring Back Joy

By CTA – Christ to All  

Editor’s note: Today’s entry is slightly adapted from the Summary Sheet, a resource that highlights the key points in the Focus on Leadership conversation: Rest for Women’s Ministry Leaders. To have access to this and all the Focus on Leadership conversations all year long, check out CTA Advantage at  

Guests: Cyndee Ownbey, author of Rethinking Women’s Ministry: Biblical, Practical Tools for Cultivating a Flourishing Community. Cyndee serves as a mentor to thousands of women’s ministry leaders through her website and Facebook community, Women’s Ministry Toolbox.  

Introduction: Weariness and fatigue can steal your joy in ministry. Find ways to bring back that joy and reduce stress. 


Explore ways to bring back your joy: 

  • Be in God’s Word.  
  • Find what works for you: journaling, praying, reading 
  • READ plan: Record, Explore, Apply, Do 
  • Get outside, if possible, even if just for a few moments. 
  • Open up to others; ask for help and for prayer. 
  • Set boundaries 
  • Make time to do other necessary things 
  • Serve others 
  • Watch for little encouragements, little joys, progress. 
  • A note of encouragement: Romans 15:13