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Ready for a Road Trip?

CTA - Christ to All /Sep. 25, 2018
Ready for a Road Trip?

You don’t have to move a muscle. You’re already on this road trip - the road trip called life! The good news is that we do not travel through this life alone. God directs us in his Word and Jesus walks right beside us! One of CTA’s latest men’s ministry themes rings true - God’s Direction Is Always Best®!

Do the men in your church need a little help and encouragement as they travel through life? Check out CTA’s men’s event based on the theme God’s Direction Is Always Best®. It’s FREE and it’s available for download now!

This outline provides all of the planning details and discussion material you need to host an event for men of all ages. The time together focuses on two parts - Bible time and a hands-on service project. It’s designed for 8 to 35 participants, but you can easily adjust the schedule and attendance numbers to fit the needs of your group.

Along with the basic planning details, you’ll find:

  • Icebreakers
  • Discussion materials for Bible time
  • Suggestions for worship and prayer time
  • Possible schedules
  • Tips for choosing a service project

What kinds of men’s events do you have planned for the fall?

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