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A Prayer for Graduates

CTA - Christ to All /May. 07, 2019
A Prayer for Graduates

Graduation is the celebration of the end of a journey: all the hard work has paid off and the graduates have successfully reached their goals! But of course, it’s also the beginning of a journey, perhaps a journey for which the directions aren’t very clear.

Encourage, support, and guide your church’s graduates this summer! Use this prayer in your worship service, include it in a graduation card, or email it in a personal message to the graduates in your ministry.

As you anticipate the next phase in your journey, live in the love God has shown for you. You might be chomping at the bit to take the next step, but your Lord encourages you to rely on his grace and live out his love as you wait.

If you’re afraid or anxious about what lies ahead, know this: Jesus already took care of a huge source of fear: sin. He hoisted your burden onto his own shoulders, carried it all the way to the cross, and died so that you may live fearlessly and freely, enjoying all the blessings God has given to you. So go ahead! You can boldly take the next step forward, knowing that God is with you—which means you have everything you will need to face your fear.

Through every change that lies ahead, your Lord will guide you. He will keep on meeting your every need. No matter what else changes, remember that your Savior’s love for you will never change. His forgiveness, friendship, and peace are yours through every transition in life.

As your journey continues beyond graduation, you remain under the watchful care of your Father in heaven. May the Holy Spirit encourage you to live in love and joy—may he guide you in all your ways as you grow more and more like your Savior!

How will you be sending off the grads in your ministry this summer?

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