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Power Up Cross

CTA - Christ to All /Nov. 18, 2020
Power Up Cross

By Jane Robinson


What You’ll Need

  • Electrical wire (2 5-inch pieces for each child; chenille stems will also work)


What You’ll Do

Have the children hold one piece of wire as the vertical beam of the cross. Then tell them to use the other wire as the horizontal beam, wrapping the middle section of it around the vertical beam three or four times.


What You’ll Say

This cross is not beautiful or fancy, but it is meaningful! It reminds us that . . .

  • Jesus suffered and died on the cross so that our sins would be forgiven!
  • The cross is empty because Jesus powerfully rose from the dead!
  • His death and resurrection promise our victory—over sin and death!


Those are powerful truths. This cross is small enough and thin enough that you can keep it in your backpack or use it as a bookmark. When you’re at school, remember whose you are! You are a child of God because of what Jesus did for you!


Editor’s note: Today’s craft is from the Power Up with Jesus Back to School Event Guide.


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Editor’s note: The cross. When you're at school, let it be a reminder of whose you are! You are a child of God because of what Jesus did for you!

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