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Power Up - A Quick Kids' Ministry Devotion

CTA - Christ to All /Sep. 29, 2020
An Edison light bulb lit up

By Jane Robinson

Use a “potato battery” or “lemon battery” to light a low-voltage LED light bulb. A quick internet search will give you a list of simple supplies needed. Ask children to call out power sources. Then hold up your lemon or potato and say, I didn’t hear any of you mention this! Do you think this lemon/potato is a power source? Well, if you said no, you’re right and if you said yes, you’re right! Watch this. Then use the simple items needed to put together the lightbulb and lemon/potato battery. Continue, Just like this light bulb doesn’t have power on its own, each of us is powerless to earn forgiveness for our sins. We need to be connected to Jesus in order to shine for him. Jesus’ death on the cross paid for all our sins. His resurrection from the dead guarantees our life.


As believers in Jesus, the Light of the World, we reflect his light when we are kind to others, when we share with others, when we help someone who’s hurting, and when we befriend someone who is lonely. Our power to do those things comes from Jesus and only from him.

Editor’s note: Today’s activity is slightly adapted from one of CTA’s digital event guides for children, Power Up with Jesus.

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