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Peace on Earth--for Everyone!

CTA - Christ to All /Nov. 05, 2019
Peace on Earth--for Everyone!

By Kristin Schultz

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace” (Luke 2:14 KJV).

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas feels hectic for almost everyone—churchworkers and worshipers alike. We all just want a little peace! Thank God that he’s always there to provide it! Share the peace of Christmas, brought to us in a Baby born in Bethlehem, with Peace on Earth gifts from CTA.

  • If your church celebrates the season with an angel tree or adopt-a-family event, write the requested items on slips of paper and tuck each paper into an organza bag with a Christmas ornament. Hang the small bags on your tree and let each participant grab one. The participants can keep the ornament as a reminder to pray for the family for which they bought Christmas gifts.
  • Are you giving away door prizes at your Christmas event? Make wrapping easy and simply place the prizes in the Peace on Earth gift bag.
  • Christmas can be a lonely time of year for many. Shut-ins, especially, can feel isolated. Let them know that they are loved by your church and by Jesus even when they can’t make it to church. Handwrite a note in the Peace on Earth greeting card and deliver a card to each homebound member. The cards include a FREE ornament, too!
  • Surprise staff members by leaving gifts on their desks or in their work areas when they’re not looking. The Peace on Earth gift set has everything a busy churchworker needs to slow down and reflect on God’s peace. Bonus idea: Include a packet of hot chocolate, tea, or high-quality instant coffee to personalize each gift set.
  • Host a Christmas luncheon and use the Peace on Earth candle holders as part of your centerpiece decorations. After the event, draw names to see who gets to take the candle holders home to keep.
  • Use the Peace on Earth gold-accented pen to have visitors sign your guest book during the Christmas season.

Let us know! How are you spreading peace this Christmas season?

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