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A New Year of Worship - a free devotion to start 2019

CTA - Christ to All /Dec. 30, 2018
A New Year of Worship - a free devotion to start 2019

By Tim Wesemann

The Christmas season is glorious - but busy! Through the many events, especially the special worship services, our Lord comes to us in powerful and life-changing ways. Now, as we turn the calendar page and begin a New Year, our worship doesn’t end or start over - it continues! In Psalm 122:1 (ESV), David shares his joy in worshiping:

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD!”

What an honor! We get to worship the world’s Savior continually!

Year in and year out, so many people contribute to every worship service - from those who preach, to those who sing, to each one of us who prays in the pews. The worship we have begun here in this life will continue into all eternity. How encouraging!

As you begin a new year of serving our Lord, why not take a few moments right now to worship him? Use the words below, the words of some of your favorite Scripture texts, or words of your own.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for . . .

the freedom to worship you and the freeing gift of worship that comes through knowing you;

the church building created for the building up of your Church and the truth that is spoken within these walls;

faithful, Spirit-filled pastors called to shepherd your faithful, Spirit-filled sheep and who accept that calling boldly not sheepishly;

pastors who joyfully proclaim the Word of God and make it a joy each week to reclaim the promises in God’s Word;

worship leaders whose hearts are in the right place - in the very palm of the Father’s hand - all the while keeping their palms open to receive the heart of God as they lead his people in worship;

the choir voicing its praise heavenward, pointing our faith heavenward, leading the songs of the faithful heavenward, as we join heaven’s choirs in praise;

worshipers in the congregation who make a joyful noise to the Lord in song and those who literally make a joyful “noise” to the Lord in song - as both are pleasing to you, our Savior;

volunteer servants who take on roles behind the scenes so that all that is in front of the scenes rolls smoothly;

the servants who put together the bulletin and who serve because you, Lord Jesus, once put out an all-points bulletin for their hearts, and when called to serve, they didn’t fold under pressure but gladly responded to your grace;

grateful givers, who joyfully worship you with their offerings because you, Lord, seized the opportunity to give yourself as an offering for our sins;

prayers that ascend to heaven, your answers to prayer that descend from heaven, and pray-ers sent from heaven;

missionaries who act on the mission opportunities that surround us, opportunities to reach and equip people to think and act like you, Jesus; and especially for . . .

the heart of worship - you yourself, Lord Jesus - and the Spirit-given opportunity to give you our hearts in worship.

Yes, a New Year has arrived. As you thank God for past opportunities for worship, remember to thank him, too, for what he will certainly do during times of worship in the year ahead.

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