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New Church Mother's Day Gifts on sale

CTA - Christ to All /Mar. 13, 2018
New Church Mother's Day Gifts on sale

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One day, a mother and her son were eating lunch together. As he was finishing up, she said, “Don’t forget to eat your carrots. They’re good for your eyes.” The son asked, “How do you know?” The mother wisely replied, “Have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses?”

That’s just one of the many hundreds of Mother’s Day jokes floating around the internet. As all of the moms in your church could tell you, motherhood does provide plenty of comedic material. But, there’s also a serious side to all of the care, encouragement, and support that mothers provide. For most mothers, raising children is their proudest accomplishment.

Mother’s Day (always the second Sunday in May) gives you the perfect opportunity to praise God for these women and to thank the women for all they do. Many churches look to CTA for value-priced, Bible-based gifts to celebrate Mother’s Day. Check out these two popular Mother’s Day themes, Joy in the Journey and Strong in the Lord.

These themes offer devotion books, bookmarks,  mugs, and all of the other gifts that CTA customers love! Check out these customer reviews:

We used CTA books at our church as a free gift for all the ladies on Mother's Day. We have done flowers before but wanted to do something that would last. What better lasting gift than devotions from the Word of God! -- Brenda

I have been ordering gifts for Mother's Day from CTA for a number of years. Moms in our congregation have never been disappointed. Each year gets better. Thank you. -- G. Basker

We gave a candle from CTA to all the ladies present at our church on Mother's Day. It was a beautiful candle that came wrapped and ready to give. CTA always meets our expectations for great Christian witness gifts. -- Carol Keeling

Thank you for being a company that helps spread the Word of God! I think everyone at church loved the coffee mugs we gave out. I appreciate the prompt service that I got with this order and was extremely pleased with the shipment arrival time. Thank you! -- Brenda Talley

Visit today to browse all of the Mother’s Day gifts. And, don’t forget to check out the FREE resources, too!

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