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New Day, New You! - a message of encouragement for children's ministers

CTA - Christ to All /Jan. 15, 2018
New Day, New You! - a message of encouragement for children's ministers

By now, most of the “newness” of the New Year has worn off. For most of us, those resolutions we so confidently made have started to wear a bit thin. Either we’ve given up or we wish we could.

Throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere, it can be hard to think of January as a time of new beginnings. We find ourselves in the heart of winter. We’ve cranked the furnace up to full blast. Windows of cars that sit on the driveway need scraping every morning. School principals debate the age-old question, “How cold is too cold for the children to play outdoors during the lunch break?”

Still, if we pause and really look, we can see our Creator’s glory reflected everywhere. On cloudless days in January, the blue of the sky is simply indescribable! On those mornings when frost crystallizes on the trees, the beauty is unmistakable! No work of art ever conceived by human beings is nearly so beautiful!

Let those clues remind you that every day is fresh and new in Christ. You may be walking into the same classroom to teach the same children with the same sniffles, but you are a new creation in Jesus—and so is each of your students. Why? Because in the cross of our Savior, our sins and wrongdoings are things of yesterday. God is full of grace and healing, mercy, forgiveness, and compassion. Every day is a new day in Jesus.

May our Lord bless your new day today in that hope!

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