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Mountain Adventures

CTA - Christ to All /Feb. 23, 2022
Mountain Adventures

By CTA – Christ to All 

(Collect as much “mountain climbing” equipment as you can. For example: a small, nylon tent and some sturdy hiking boots, a few carabiners, a large backpack, and perhaps some haul rope. Or download pictures of a few of these things, using your internet search engine. In addition, bookmark Isaiah 26:4 in your Bible.)

I brought along some equipment today. Who do you think uses equipment like this? (Let volunteers respond; accept reasonable answers, but don’t let the guessing go on too long.) Mountain climbers use all this equipment and more besides!

What do you think climbers do before they trek up a mountain? Do they just grab a bottle of water and some ropes and set off? No, they don’t. It actually takes a whole lot of practice and hard work to get ready to climb a mountain. Preparation is important. In fact, it is the most important thing!

When a mountain climbing adventure begins, a place called “base camp” becomes the most important place for the climbers. At base camp, they do their final checks. At base camp, they set up their tents and double-check to make sure they have the supplies they need. At base camp, climbers check the weather and their maps to make sure they have a good plan for the climb ahead. 

Climbers set up base camp on a safe, solid rock. They make sure it's out of the wind and in the sunshine if they can. Climbers know that if they get hurt, they can come back to base camp for bandages and medicine. If they suffer from hypothermia—staying too cold for too long—or if they develop altitude sickness from breathing air with too little oxygen, they can find help at base camp. Every safe, successful mountain adventure depends on having a secure base camp!

You and I won’t climb a mountain this week, but we all will need a base camp. Where is our base camp? Or maybe I should say it this way: Who is our base camp? When we need help, when we run out of energy, or when we’re in big trouble, where can we go? Here’s what the Bible says about that: 

Trust in the LORD always, for the LORD GOD is the eternal Rock (Isaiah 26:4 NLT). 

Whenever we are worried, whenever we’re in trouble, we can run to God, our Rock. He is always there to help us, solid and secure. We know God’s love for us will never end. He loves us so much that he sent his Son, Jesus, to die in our place and to rise from the dead. Jesus rescued us from our very worst problem—the guilt of our sins and the punishment we deserve for all we’ve done wrong. Jesus is our Savior. When we believe in Jesus, we are God’s forgiven people. And life can be a wonderful adventure as we live with him and for him! 

Jesus is our faithful Friend forever! Jesus protects us when we’re in danger, he gives us strength when we are weak, and he helps us heal when we get hurt. Every good thing in our lives comes from him. Jesus is our Rock!

Pray: Dear Jesus, thank you for being our Rock. You are always here for us. We can always come to you for forgiveness, love, help, and hope. Help us love and trust you more and more each day. In your name we pray, dear Jesus. Amen.

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