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6 Weeks until Mother's Day - Start Planning Now!

CTA - Christ to All /Mar. 26, 2019
6 Weeks until Mother's Day - Start Planning Now!

Some words are always welcome . . .

I kept your supper warm.

Have a chocolate?

We’re almost home.

I love you!

Perhaps the sweetest, most welcome word of all, though, is the word grace. When you live in the grace of God, the crushing load of sin and its guilt can fall off your back. Shame has no place in your heart. You can stop trying to earn God’s love through your good deeds. You can lay down the overwhelming pressure to achieve.

The grace of God sets you free to be alive and active in your Christian faith - without fear. Knowing God’s good and gracious will to give you an eternal future in Christ outweighs every burden you bear and strengthens you to carry those burdens with good cheer.

Do the women at your church know God’s grace, really know it? Give them a beautiful reminder of God’s grace this Mother’s Day with gifts from one of CTA’s women’s ministry themes, Abundant Grace. With nearly 30 Bible-based gift options, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for every mother in your church.

  • Are you buying for a large group of mothers? CTA offers bulk pricing on the Abundant Grace ceramic mug and prayer journal set.
  • Do you want something heartfelt for your women’s small-group? Order the Abundant Grace Gift Set. It comes with a tote bag, ceramic mug, ceramic desk art, and a prayer journal and pen gift set.
  • If you’re looking to create a stunning gift display for Mother’s Day, use an Abundant Grace Gift Bag. The bag includes a gift tag so you can personalize each gift - a special touch for mothers!
  • Try arranging gift baskets on the tables at your Mother’s Day luncheon. Order several of the Abundant Grace Mini Accessory Bag, Scripture Cards, and Salon-Style Emery Boards. Put all the gifts in baskets and encourage women to take one of each, plus one gift to share with a friend.

How will you celebrate the mothers in your church this year?


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