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3 Ideas for Getting Men Together for Activity

CTA - Christ to All /Aug. 05, 2020
3 Ideas for Getting Men Together for Activity

3 Ideas for Getting Men Together for Activity

Isolation isn’t good for anyone, and even though you may have heard a few men around you joke that they were made for social distancing, it’s wise to look for an opportunity to get those very men together in a social situation. It needn’t be long, nor does it have to be a “Kum-ba-yah moment,” but a short time together will be good for their spirits! Here are ideas in three popular themes for you to make your own.


Who doesn’t love a bit of a contest? Brainstorm a few outdoor games that allow for social distancing and invite the men in your church and community to participate. A golf outing is always fun, and while it may not be for everyone, it’s possible a small group or two will enjoy that. For those who’d rather play something else, try Disc Golf (using a flying disc). Other fun backyard games include Cornhole and Lawn Darts.


Before you have to worry about winter cold, look for some outdoor service projects you could involve your men in. Think along the lines of gardening or landscaping, outdoor painting, and sidewalk repair.


If your local COVID safety guidelines allow, sponsor a men’s barbecue in a local park or on the church grounds. And if a group meal like that won’t work, invite everyone to bring a lawn chair and sit appropriately spaced while enjoying simple snacks and good conversation.

Whatever way you choose to provide the chance for social interaction, look for a way to let the men know you care for them and are listening to concerns they have, and include a time for prayer and reflection on a Scripture passage.

May our Lord Jesus bless your church and your men’s ministry this fall.

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