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Love’s Pure Light – finding time to focus on your Savior

CTA - Christ to All /Dec. 20, 2021
Love’s Pure Light – finding time to focus on your Savior

By Alison Zeller  

Peace and quiet. It’s hard to come by in this season. Try these ideas for finding time to focus on your Savior and the life he gives you.  

  • Block off 15 minutes of your day to be alone with Jesus. Darken the room and light a candle. Use this time to read a devotion, sing a hymn or pray. Throughout your day, recall this time and let it safeguard your heart against the darkness. 
  • Refocus your mind through journaling. Pick a specific Bible verse for each day. Dim the lights, write the verse in your journal, and meditate on it. What does it show you about the Light of the world? 
  • Call the chaos and temptations of this world what they are—attacks from Satan meant to distract you from your Savior! Fight back by repeating these one-word affirmations from Jesus: peace (John 14:27); joy (John 16:24); and calm (Mark 4:39).  

Editor’s note: Today’s reflection is slightly adapted from the Love’s Pure Light Devotional Card SetLove’s Pure Light is the newest Christmas line of products for adults.