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Let's Have a Snow Day!

CTA - Christ to All /Jan. 22, 2018
Let's Have a Snow Day!

As the weeks of winter start to add up, are the kids in your ministry getting antsy? They’re probably spending the large majority of their time inside these days and it’s probably getting old, really quickly. Your staff members and volunteers might have cabin fever, too.

Now is the perfect time to bust out of that winter rut! Plan a “snow day” Sunday and have some fun!

(Reminder: if you are planning outside activities that require snow boots, snow pants, and the like, be sure to give parents plenty of notice.)

Paint the snow

Combine water and food coloring in squeeze bottles. Give one to each child and let them “paint” the snow. Encourage them to work together to create some colorful artwork!

Make your own snowflakes

Did you know you can make crystallized snowflakes using just borax and water? Here’s how. Students can watch the crystals grow right before their eyes.

Make your own snow

If you don’t have real snow, make some from cornstarch and shaving cream. Ask parents to supply water tables to hold the snow and let the kids get messy outside.

Stuff the snowman

Divide children into small groups. Give each group three different sized white trash bags and an ample supply of newspaper. The children can crumple up the newspaper and stuff each trash bag full. (Before they begin, put a few old magazines in the bottom of the biggest bag so the snowman will have a flat bottom to stand on.) When they’re done stuffing, tie each bag shut and tape the bags together. Use construction paper or recycled craft supplies to add buttons, eyes, arms, a nose, a scarf, and other decorations to the snowman.

Host a snow day for the community

If your church needs an extra winter outreach event, invite your neighbors over for a snow day celebration! Offer hot cocoa and cookies alongside sledding, carriage rides, games, and other winter activities.

What’s your favorite way to get rid of cabin fever?

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