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Let's Get Together!

CTA - Christ to All /Jan. 27, 2020
Let's Get Together!

By Kristin Schultz

Spring is a fun time in women’s ministry. You may be planning a retreat, new Bible studies, Mother’s Day recognition events, and other spring get-togethers. This year, try something new, and partner with your children’s ministry leaders to plan an event that you can do together!

Service projects

  • Work together to show God’s goodness to your community. Plan a Saturday to plant flowers at church, a local nursing home, community park, or other local area. When you’re done, enjoy a pizza picnic.
  • Do some spring cleaning at your church. Go through Sunday school rooms or other children’s areas and sort through items you no longer need or use. Throw away dried out markers and pencil nubs. Donate books, games, or videos you’re not using any more. Recycle paper or plastic products. Talk to the children about God giving us all things and how we responsible for taking care of what he gives us.
  • Work with local schools to learn how you can help students in need. Then, involve your children in collecting items like coats, shoes, or food. Or, raise money through a penny drive or noisy offering.

Social time

  • Offer to host a movie night for the children’s ministry. Order fruit or deli trays or bring a light homemade supper and treats. Ask the children’s ministry leaders about kids’ allergies or dietary restrictions. Then sit back and enjoy the show together!
  • Host an Easter egg hunt. Whether your church hosts a large, community-wide hunt or a smaller hunt on Easter morning, offer to stuff and hide the eggs. Invite some of the older children to help and while you’re working together to stuff eggs, engage them in conversation about how school is going, how they’ll spend Easter, and other topics of interest.
  • Do a Sunday school snack take over! Keeping allergies and dietary restrictions in mind, spend some time in classrooms decorating cookies or cupcakes to share with the church or with their families. Bring a few dozen plain sugar cookies or cupcakes, frosting, sprinkles, and other decorations. Have the kids decorate the treats and then offer them during your church’s coffee hour or encourage the children to share the sweet with someone they love.

How does your women’s and children’s groups partner to share God’s love with your church and community?

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