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8 Ways Leaders Can Feed Their Faith

CTA - Christ to All /Mar. 23, 2020
8 Ways Leaders Can Feed Their Faith

As a leader, you spend a lot of time in God’s Word preparing to serve. You also no doubt share your faith with your coworkers, friends, and other people you meet during the day. What a joy it is to work in God’s Word on a daily basis!

All of that repetition certainly serves a purpose, but what about your own personal faith? How do you keep your faith relevant? Are you able to focus on God’s work in your life? Can you see how God is growing your faith?

As you consider those questions, here are eight ways you can feed your faith.

Look for something new. If you prepare Bible lessons, look for something that you haven’t seen before. Do a word study. Look up reference verses. Use a study Bible. Think of non-standard questions to ask your group.

Keep it personal. Don’t assume that the preparation you do as a ministry leader can replace your own personal time in the Word. Reading your Bible, in your own space and time, each day is important! Ask God to show you what he wants you to know and point you toward a verse to focus on for the day.

Memorize. As you read, underline verses that speak to you or have special meaning. Write them down on note cards and memorize them. Make a collection of memorized verses and review them often.

Sing. Add music to your personal worship time. Let God speak to your heart through the words and melodies that you hear.

Listen. Spend some time sitting quietly in God’s presence. Don’t try to pray or read; just listen. As the Psalmist says, “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him” (Psalm 37:7 ESV).

Attend a small group. You spend so much of your time teaching others about God and his Word. Take some time to hear a different perspective by attending a Bible study led by someone else.

Worship. Make a point to attend worship each week. God will use the liturgy, Bible readings, songs, sermon, and other believers to help your faith mature. He will also use you as a blessing to others as you participate in the Body of Christ.

Pray. God grows your faith as you see him working and answering your prayers. He doesn’t always change your circumstances, but as you seek his will, he is constantly working for your good and changing you for the better.

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