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Drawn to Jesus - a devotion for kids

CTA - Christ to All /Dec. 30, 2019
Drawn to Jesus - a devotion for kids

By Cherie Werner

Hello, everyone! It is good to see you! I am glad you are here. Will you please pretend with me for a minute?  

Let’s pretend that it is a dark night. The sky is filled with stars. Pretend you can see them high up in the sky. Each star has a name and a position. That one over there is Sirius. That one is called Canopus. And that one there is the North Star. It is called Polaris. But tonight, there is something different in the sky. Look! Look, there! It’s a new star! I haven’t seen that one before have you? Where did it come from? What does it mean?

Long ago there were some men who looked at the stars like we just pretended to do. They studied the sky every night. They had made maps of the stars and one night they saw a new star. They searched the scrolls and discovered that this special star was for the King of the Jews. He had just been born in a land far away.

Quickly they gathered the best gifts they had. They packed up the provisions they would need for a long journey. They said goodbye to their friends and neighbors, and they set out to find this new Baby King. 

The Wisemen went to see Jesus. They were drawn to him. They left their homes, they packed their belongings, they brought gifts, and they traveled a long way. They searched and searched until they found him and then they worshiped him.

It seems kind of crazy that a group of very rich, very smart men would leave their homes and travel such a long distance to see a Baby. It seems odd that they would bring such rare and expensive gifts to a foreign King who had just been born.

Why did they do all that? What made them so determined to find Jesus? What do you think? (Listen to responses.)

It might seem strange to us, but it wasn’t strange at all because God was working. God was working in their hearts and giving them the desire to go and see Jesus!

Jesus himself said that no one comes to him unless God the Father draws them there (John 6:44). Does that mean that God draws a picture? No! It means that God helps us to want to know about Jesus. The Holy Spirit was working in the hearts of the Wisemen so that they would not only be curious about Jesus, but that they would want to meet him and worship him. Because of God’s work in their hearts, they were willing to leave their homes and go in search of Jesus. They didn’t rest until they found him!

God does the same for us. He helps us to see that we need a Savior. God shows us our sin and helps us to understand that we need his help. God tells us that Jesus will forgive our sin and give us a new life. God gives us faith to help us trust in Jesus and to receive the gifts of love and forgiveness that Jesus wants to give us. God even helps us to love him and worship him like the Wisemen did!

Will you please pray with me?  Dear God, thank you for helping me to see that I need Jesus’s love and forgiveness. Thank you for sending Jesus to forgive my sin and be my Savior. Please strengthen my faith and love for Jesus. Amen.


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