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Warriors of Faith - a devotion for kids

CTA - Christ to All /Mar. 30, 2020
Warriors of Faith - a devotion for kids

What superheroes do you know? Let’s see how many we can name. (Let volunteers do so.)

Why do you think we like these superheroes? That’s right! Kids and adults, too, often like to read about superheroes and watch their movies because these warriors triumph over evil. Using superpowers, these warriors are always ready to come to the rescue, stand up for what’s right, and help those in need.

What are some of those superhero superpowers? (Let volunteers suggest powers like X-ray vision, extreme speed or strength, the ability to fly or spin webs.)

The superhero warriors we are talking about are fun to watch and read about. But the truth is they aren’t real. They never were. The very first superhero, Superman, was invented in 1939 by a man named Jerry Siegel. He and his friend, an artist named Joe Schuster, started the whole idea of the superheroes we know today, the warriors like (name the superheroes the children mentioned earlier.) These superheroes are fun, but they are pretend. Made up. Invented. They weren’t real. Not ever.

The Bible tells us about real people who fought against evil and bravely stood up for what was right. They were warriors of faith. What warriors of faith from the Bible do you know? Let’s see how many we can name. (Let volunteers do so.)

Yes! Warriors of faith include real people like David, Joshua, and Esther. Warriors of faith include real people like Moses, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, too! You can learn about these warriors of faith—not in comic books—but in this Book: the Bible!

Everything in the Bible is true. The events really happened. The warriors of faith are not pretend or made up. They really lived!

What’s more, these faith warriors had a real superpower. It’s the power of God working in them and through them. These were ordinary people, but the Holy Spirit made them extraordinary warriors of faith!

(Show the Warriors of Faith posters as you mention each faith warrior.)

By the power of God, a young man conquered a giant with nothing more than one small stone. By the power of God, a young woman stood up for what was right and saved her nation. Three warriors of faith, by the power of God, walked out of a roaring fiery furnace, unharmed. By the power of God, one of God’s leaders divided the waters of the Red Sea, making a dry path between walls of water; God’s people escaped from their enemies on that path. By the power of God, huge walls around the city of Jericho crumbled to the ground.

How could all of this have happened? Listen to what the Bible says. (Read Luke 1:37).

The power of God is real. He uses his power to help his people. To help you and me! Listen to another Bible verse. (Read 1 Corinthians 15:57).

Jesus, God’s Son, gives us the victory. Evil will not win. Someday, all the bad, sad, hurtful things we experience—things like sin, death, and the devil—will never bother us again. Sadness and sickness and mean words and wars and bombs and fear will be gone forever. Jesus crushed Satan’s power by dying for us on the cross! Jesus destroyed death’s power by rising from the dead!

Now, all who believe in Jesus are his warriors of faith! When Jesus lives in our hearts, we can do great things. We can be kind to those who are mean to us. We can help our moms or grandmas or brothers without even being asked. We can pray for people who are sick or hurt or sad. Warriors of faith! That’s who we are—all because of Jesus!

Let’s pray together. Dear Jesus, thank you for always loving and forgiving us. Give us faith to believe in your Word, trust in your promises, and powerfully live for you today and every day. Amen.

Editor’s note: Have you seen CTA’s five-part kids’ event outline, Warriors of Faith? Each event teaches kids about a specific warrior of faith from the Bible and teaches them how, through faith in Jesus, they are warriors of faith, too!

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