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Kids and 2020

CTA - Christ to All /Jul. 07, 2020
Kids and 2020

By Tim Wesemann

As you make plans for how children’s ministry will look during the rest of 2020, here are a few ideas for activities and planning: 

  • Ask children to draw pictures of what the last few months have looked like to them. Use this activity to start conversations about the serious subjects they may have questions about.
  • Take yourself back (in your mind, of course) to your childhood. How would your 8-year-old self (or whatever age) be dealing with the last several months? What kind of questions, topics, and fears might you have? Use that perspective to help the kids in your ministry.
  • What Bible stories and verses can you share to help in discussions about racism, prejudice, safety, and turmoil?
  • As you think about addressing these tough topics, be sure to have an open line of communication with parents. Work together. Pray together. And love those children while teaching them how loved they are by Jesus, their family, friends, your church, and YOU!

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