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Jesus Gives New Life – A Free Devotion

CTA - Christ to All /Apr. 13, 2022
Jesus Gives New Life – A Free Devotion

By Gail Marsh  

Do you know about opposites? One example of opposites is dark/light. Another example is big/little. Now that you know a bit about opposites, let’s play a quick game. I’ll say a word and you say my word’s opposite. Ready? Off (On). Near (Far). Sad (Happy). Laugh (Cry). 

Getting to the Heart  

The Bible verse for today’s devotion features a pair of words that are opposites. Listen to see if you can hear the opposites as I read 2 Corinthians 5:17 (ESV, emphasis added): 

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 

Did you hear the opposites (old and new)? The Easter story is really a story chock-full of opposites. Jesus was sinless. He never sinned, not even once! But Jesus died for us. The sinless Jesus took the punishment for sin. It was the punishment we really deserved—because we are sinful. (Point out the words sinless/sinful.) 

Jesus died but he did not stay in his grave. On the third day Jesus came alive again. (Dead/alive.) The sadness of Jesus’ death on his cross turns to joy on Easter morning. (Sad/happy.) 

Now, because of what Jesus has done for us, we are no longer enslaved to sin. We are not slaves. Instead, we are free! Free from sin, death, and the power of Satan. (Slave/free.)  

We don’t need to fear death. Because Jesus lives, we, too, will live forever with him. Our old sinful nature is gone. Now, in Jesus, we have a new nature—a new life in Christ! (Old/new.) 

New life is all around us, especially during this time of year. In springtime we see many things coming back to life again after the long winter months. Can you think of some things that came back to life this spring (for example, flowers or grass)? 

(Pray together: Praise God for the new life you find or previously named. Thank your Savior for the new life he gives to you, too!)  

Editor’s note: Today’s devotion is slightly adapted from the free, downloadable 6-part Ministry Message to accompany the New Day, New Life Family Lent Activity Box. To see the entire New Day, New Life line of products, click here.