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I Know the Books of the New Testament

CTA - Christ to All /Jan. 12, 2022
I Know the Books of the New Testament

By CTA – Christ to All   

Knowing the New Testament books and being able to recite them in order is an important accomplishment. But knowing the Savior who is proclaimed in the New Testament matters even more!   

God uses his unchanging, powerful Word to transform our hearts and remake our lives. His “eternal word . . . stands firm in heaven” (Psalm 119:89 NLT). It makes us aware of our sins and invites us to confess them. It promises forgiveness in the cross of Christ. It stirs in us a response of trust, love, and service.   

Consider doing these in your family (or sending home to the families in your ministry):   

Work with your child to develop a Bible reading plan together. Read and talk about one story at bedtime each day from Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. Read and discuss a few verses from one of the letters written by Paul or John while you eat breakfast. Launch your child on the faith adventure of a lifetime!    

Once your child knows the names of the New Testament books, why not read some of them?  

  1. Mark tells many stories about Jesus.  
  1. John focuses on God’s love for you. 
  1. Jude is kind of mysterious—and only one chapter! 
  1. Acts is adventurous and powerful.   

Editor’s note: Today’s entry is slightly adapted from the Ministry Message that accompanies the New Testament dog tag. To see other dog tags and how to use them in your ministry, visit ctainc.com.