FREE! CTA Advantage

CTA - Christ to All /Nov. 20, 2018
FREE! CTA Advantage

CTA’s core purpose is to support you in your mission to shine the light of Christ in this world. That’s what we hope to do every day with our products and resources. And now, we have a brand-new way to support you in your ministry - CTA Advantage.

It’s an entirely new program that will help you keep your ministry fresh. Plus, it provides the tools you need to grow as a ministry leader. Check out these benefits:

  • FREE sample packet twice each year
  • FREE standard shipping on every order, every day
  • FREE library of Mentoring Moments to help you grow as a ministry leader
  • FREE devotional videos to use in worship and small groups
  • FREE minute fillers to keep kids busy

Sign up now for your FREE 30-day trial and see what CTA Advantage is all about!

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