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Pack Your Fall Festival Goodie Bags with CTA!

CTA - Christ to All /Aug. 21, 2018
Pack Your Fall Festival Goodie Bags with CTA!

The kids at your fall festival will be making crafts, collecting candy, winning prizes, and so much more! It’s obvious that they’ll need a bag in order to carry all of their goodies home, but what kind of bag should you choose? And what should you include in the goodie bag?

Here’s a simple guide to follow:

Start with the bag. If you don’t have a theme for your event yet, CTA offers several ready-to-go options. Each offers a themed goodie bag that’s the perfect size for children. 

Include something that lights up. This is especially important if your event takes place at night. But even if your celebration is during the day, kids still love glow-in-the-dark gifts! Think about including a glow-in-the-dark necklace or a pop fidget cross key chain

Gotta have treats! Candy is the traditional choice for this time of year, but you can include healthier options like a trail mix, apple, or popcorn, too.

Don’t forget the parents! One of the main goals of your fall festival should be to introduce your neighbors to Jesus and to get them to return to your church. In your goodie bags, be sure to include a magnet that lists your service times or a flyer that invites participants to an upcoming event. And, you may wish to include a small booklet or journal to inspire faith.

What will you pack in your goodie bags?

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