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Faith at Work

CTA - Christ to All /Oct. 30, 2018
Faith at Work

By Alison Zeller

In early 2018, Barna Group launched a survey of more than 1,400 employed Christians. Their goals were to find out what work means to believers, to see how believers blend their faith and vocation, and to find out what changes need to be made in order to make work fulfilling for Christians.

Barna Group recently released a few of its findings:

  • In part 1, researchers reported on the hierarchy of professions - is it better to work as a pastor or ministry worker than to work in the secular world? The survey results showed that most Christians do not believe in a hierarchy of professions. Most believe that they can serve God and the Kingdom while working in any job. The researchers reported, “Almost two-thirds of employed Christians (64%) agree on some level that it’s clear to them how their own work serves God or a higher purpose.”
  • In part 2, researchers gave a few insights regarding the differences between Christian men and women in the workplace. Unfortunately, the survey found that working mothers, compared to fathers as well as women in other seasons of life, are consistently less satisfied at work on almost every level. “Even though both mothers and fathers share an equal desire to use their gifts and talents for the good of others (64% and 62%), mothers feel significantly less called to or made for their current work than fathers (38% compared to 55%).”

With this survey, Barna Group is giving church leaders a starting point when it comes to talking about the issues facing working Christians. To help with that goal, CTA offers an inspirational discipleship book for Christians serving in any workplace: Faith That Works.

Faith That Works encourages believers, reminding them that God uniquely created each of us and that he has gifted us for accomplishing different things. The booklet speaks to important topics like the Bible-based meaning of work and what it looks like to serve God through work.

CTA customer Sheri White gave the book a five-star review and said, “This is a tremendous booklet and I am glad we ordered it! It [gives] so much information about living your faith [in a] straightforward and simple [way]. Every Christian guide and help we can give is so imperative these days!”
You can find Faith That Works and other Christian encouragement resources at

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