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Equip Families to Share Jesus in Their Neighborhood

CTA - Christ to All /Aug. 12, 2020
Equip Families to Share Jesus in Their Neighborhood

By Gail Marsh

Have you ever wished for a targeted plan—a coordinated effort that helped families easily share Jesus within their neighborhoods? Wish no more! CTA’s new group order plan enables you to do just that! And with the trick-or-treat season coming up this fall, now is the perfect time to try the group ordering process!

Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Access the free order forms from CTA’s website.
  2. Customize the forms you choose to use. (For example, you may have someone donating toward the cost of products so that families will pay a lower price or no price at all.)
  3. Detail where/how/when families should return their completed order forms.
  4. Make copies of family order forms along with the idea sheet and distribute them. (Note: If you won’t see families in person, you can email the order form and idea sheet instead.)
  5. When you have collected all of the completed order forms, use the handy spreadsheet to organize orders. Then place the order at ctainc.com!
  6. Distribute the ordered items to families and thank them for sharing Jesus in their neighborhoods.

 Families can fill  plastic tumblers with popcorn and candy corn for an easy snack that trick-or-treaters will enjoy. Activity books give you non-food items that will effectively share the truth that Jesus is the Savior. Check it out and then try the group ordering process today!