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Encouraging Christlike Commitment

CTA - Christ to All /Aug. 01, 2022
Encouraging Christlike Commitment

By Cyndee Ownbey 

Commitment. It’s one of the qualities we pray God will develop and mature in the women that serve on our women’s ministry team.

We hope and pray each team member will faithfully attend our women’s ministry team meetings, that they’ll help with and attend our women’s ministry events, and that they’ll serve on the women’s ministry team wholeheartedly, completing each task with excellence.

But what if we did more than just pray about it? Not that prayers aren’t enough, but what if we prayed and added targeted training to our women’s ministry meetings?

With the new Christlike Commitment – Women’s Ministry Quarterly Training Companion, you’ll now have the tools to target, train, and nurture Christlike commitment in your women’s ministry team members.

The women’s ministry quarterly trainings include three lessons. We suggest using one a month, over three months, during the first 15–20 minutes of your women’s ministry team meeting.

Lesson 1 unpacks the biblical principle of Christlike commitment. Together you’ll open God’s Word and discuss what God reveals about commitment in that passage.

Lesson 2 encourages personal application. The women on your team will reflect on their level of commitment in a nonthreatening, private way.

Lesson 3 provides the opportunity for your team to make a commitment through the creation of a team covenant. Don’t worry, we’ve provided detailed suggestions and examples to guide you through the process.

In addition to the three mini trainings, you’ll receive specific ideas to encourage your team, printable Scripture cards, prayer cards, postcards, and a fun favor idea.

As your team works through these materials, you’ll find relationships strengthen and deepen as you dig into God’s Word together. You’ll build community and unity as you all seek to grow and improve your leadership skills.

Focusing on one leadership skill over three lessons gives space for growth and the Holy Spirit to move.

We invite you to pray for and train your women on Christlike commitment with the Women’s Ministry Quarterly Training Companion. We pray the personal and community practice of Christlike commitment will have a positive impact on your women’s ministry team. May we all learn to serve with the love of Jesus.

Editor’s note: Every quarter CTA will release a new training companion with a different leadership trait focus. If you purchase an annual subscription here, you’ll get a great discount—it’s like receiving one quarter free! 

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