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Don't Let Fall Festival Go Stale! Fresh Ideas for This Year's Halloween Alternative

CTA - Christ to All /Sep. 01, 2020
Don't Let Fall Festival Go Stale! Fresh Ideas for This Year's Halloween Alternative

By Jane L. Fryar

You wouldn’t use last year’s pumpkins or straw bales to decorate this year’s Halloween Alternative event, would you? You certainly wouldn’t serve last year’s cupcakes—even if their orange frosting still looks to be intact!

If you think about it, last year’s activities may be as stale as those cupcakes! So you’re likely on the prowl for some newly minted games and other suggestions to use at this year’s Fall Festival, especially ones that keep social distancing in mind, aren’t you? (If you’re not, you soon will be!)

Don’t let Fall Festival go musty! Don’t let the kids in your neighborhood (or your volunteers, for that matter) think they’ve “been there, done that.” You have an amazing Gospel message to share!

When you take a look at some of our other products, you’ll notice a trend—glow-in-the-dark ideas. The new Power Up with Jesus collection has its own glow-in-the-dark event guide, complete with ideas for sharing Scripture, leading games, making crafts, and preparing snacks. There’s even a chant to lead with the glow-in-the-dark megaphone!

When you use CTA’s downloadable event guides to jump-start everyone’s thinking and planning, you’ll have plenty of time to stir up a batch of fresh-from-the-oven activities and ideas to include in this year’s event. These activities will share the message of Jesus, our risen Savior with each and every Fall Festival guest. You don’t have to plan and pray alone; CTA, your partner in Fall Festival ministry, is here to help you get organized!

We hope your face will light up when you see our new products and ideas. More than that, we pray the hearts of many children and parents will glow in Jesus’ joy and peace as a result of the things they hear from you and see in you this fall!

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