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Don't Miss the Boat

CTA - Christ to All /Jan. 22, 2019
Don't Miss the Boat

By Tim Wesemann

January may seem like an odd time of year for a conversation about boats, but we just cruised into 2019, and I already anticipate times in the coming year I’ll miss the boat when it comes to opportunities of one kind or another. Thank you, Lord, for your pure and generous grace when I do so! 

For example, I often walk past opportunities to share Christ with others - both in what I say and what I do. And too often in my words and actions, I share Tim Wesemann instead of Jesus Christ. Once again, thank you, Lord, for your pure and generous grace!  

I often think about how Jonah boarded a boat in an attempt to escape the Lord’s command to travel to Nineveh, there to preach the message of repentance and forgiveness. Peter could have missed the boat, had he insisted on keeping up with his family’s fishing business instead of joining Jesus in “catching people” (Matthew 4:19). And think of the many people who would have drowned in their sin if Paul had missed the boats that took him to foreign lands to share the Gospel of Jesus. 

How about you? Who shared with you the “boatload of forgiveness” Jesus earned for you on his cross? How will you share that precious cargo in your church, your neighborhood, and your world?

All of us at CTA are thankful God has called us to join you in your lifesaving privilege of proclaiming the Life-Savior. Do you ever feel you may be missing the boat when it comes to creative, resourceful, purposeful, and Christ-centered products that will help you share the lifesaving Life-Savior? Then climb on board and check out these tools - each with a clear message, each intended to be affordable for churches just like yours:

  • Many churches renew evangelism efforts in January. If you’re planning an evangelism emphasis in the coming weeks, CTA offers a variety of products that will help you tell the Gospel story to kids and adults.
  • Visit to discover ideas for a Valentine’s Day celebration that will share God’s promise of love and forgiveness in Jesus.
  • As you think ahead to Easter, don’t miss the boat on a unique, time-tested idea! Get your order in early for the 6-week Crucified. Glorified. prayer journal and the Jesus Lives for Me! count-up-to-Easter activity.

The year 2019 is no longer on the horizon; we’ve arrived! As we thank you for partnering with CTA in ministry, we also pray that God will grant your ministry team smooth sailing into the New Year as together we reach out to share Christ with the world.

Jesus, our Life-Savior, you have honored us by welcoming us on board a journey into a new day and year with you. Keep our eyes focused on the horizon, ever anticipating your return, always looking for the welcome shores of our heavenly home. Until we land there, Lord, fill our hearts with zeal to share your lifesaving Gospel at every port. In your name, Jesus, we pray as we sail onward, homeward. Amen.

Grace-anchored blessings for a New Year overflowing with the joy and peace of the Lord!

You are welcome to copy this article for one-time use when you include this credit line and receive no monetary benefit from it: © 2019 CTA, Inc. Used with permission.