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The Definition of Making a Difference

CTA - Christ to All /Mar. 22, 2020
The Definition of Making a Difference

Laughter surrounded the dinner table. Good food. Good friends. A good time. Nothing beats a good meal shared with friends—in this case, friends who in recent months had become even closer than family.

Then, just before the first course was served, the host stood up. As all eyes focused on him, Jesus removed his outer robe, tied a towel around his waist, and knelt at the feet of the first startled guest. The disciples watched and wondered in a silence that quickly became uncomfortable. Before long, Peter found his voice: “You will never wash my feet! It’s humiliating and undignified. You are our leader and this . . . this is a job for a servant!”

A servant’s job. Indeed, it was. Jesus’ willing service framed everything that happened in his earthly life. The Son of God was our suffering Servant and Savior, hanging, bleeding, dying on the cross.

Jesus lived for us. Jesus died for us. And now, Jesus lives in us. The life Jesus lived and the death he died on the cross has made all the difference for us—bringing us back into the family of God and granting us the eternal life that God gives to all who believe in Jesus.

Because Jesus made all the difference for us, we are called to make a difference for others. Because Jesus inspires our hearts with his sacrifice, grace, and love, we want to inspire others. Jesus served, and so do we!

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