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Faith Encouragement

Cross My Heart

CTA - Christ to All /Jun. 09, 2021
Cross My Heart

By Gail Marsh 

Have you ever heard someone say, “I promise! I really promise! Cross my heart!”? Saying “cross my heart” seems to mean a person really, really, really wants to keep the promise. 

But sometimes people break promises, don’t they? Broken promises hurt. Broken promises disappoint. But there is someone who never breaks a promise. It’s God. God always keeps his promises. He keeps all of his promises. Always! 

When I hear the words “cross my heart,” I think about how God kept his promise to save his people—that’s you and me, too! God promised to send a Savior—someone who would keep all of God’s commands perfectly and then would die for the bad things we sometimes say and do. 

God kept that promise. He sent his very own Son, Jesus, to be our Savior. Jesus never did or said anything wrong. But Jesus died on a cross in our place. He was punished for the things you and I do wrong! 

Jesus didn’t stay in his tomb, though. God had promised to raise Jesus from the dead, and he kept that promise. Jesus came alive again! Right now, Jesus lives and he promises that all believers will live with him forever. That’s a promise you can count on! Cross my heart! 


Editor’s note: Today’s devotional is slightly adapted from the Warriors of Faith 5-Part Kids Event Outline.