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Real Talk for Christian Veterans

CTA - Christ to All /Oct. 09, 2018
Real Talk for Christian Veterans

The opening paragraphs of CTA’s Real-Life Encouragement for the Military Community are powerful:

Thank you!

That must be the starting point for any book intended for the military community. I hope you hear these words regularly: Thank you for your service.

Thank you for protecting this nation, no matter the cost. Thank you - whatever your rank or service time. If you are retired, deployed, or stateside - thank you. If you serve in a support position or are a member of a military family - thank you! As a nation, we are truly grateful. (I hope you know that!)

I also hope you realize that countless prayers bombard God’s throne of grace for you and for your family. Though you do not hear many of them, be assured that your heavenly Father does. He hears. He cares. He responds. You are not alone.

Even in the midst of depression, anger, and dark days, members of the military community are not alone.
Our Victorious Warrior, our God of gods and King of kings, is encouraging his people during challenging times and reminding them of his constant presence and unfathomable love.

Show your military community that you care - and so does God! Veterans, active military, support teams, and military families need to hear God’s Word in their daily lives. And you can give it to them with CTA’s book Real-Life Encouragement for the Military Community and the other encouraging gifts that go with it.

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