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Women, Wives, Moms - Celebrating Mother's Day

CTA - Christ to All /Apr. 09, 2019
Women, Wives, Moms - Celebrating Mother's Day

By Jane Fryar

It’s no secret. Ministry in most congregations would soon shrivel if wives, moms, and single women alike suddenly stopped teaching classes, visiting residents in care facilities, serving in choirs or on worship teams, taking groceries to the neighborhood food pantry, and volunteering in the church office. Mother’s Day offers a million opportunities to say thanks to everyone who mentors, mothers, and maintains essential ministry all year-round.

So what has your church planned for May 12—Mother’s Day 2019? Here are some ideas gleaned from CTA customers and staff in response to the question: 

“How might churches use Mother’s Day and other spring events to encourage women in the many ways they serve?” 

  • One church serves breakfast to all the women in attendance on Mother’s Day. They choose one of CTA’s themes for the occasion and decorate the tables based on that theme. Real plates and flatware—not disposable!—add a feeling of elegance. They keep the menu simple—fresh fruit, muffins, coffee, tea, milk, and juice. Each table includes a centerpiece created from a variety of themed Mother’s Day gifts (pens, bookmarks, devotion books, hand lotion, and the like). Every woman who attends chooses one or two of these mementos from her table’s centerpiece to take home as a reminder of the celebration.
  • One church secretary used CTA products to create what she calls an “inspiration basket” to encourage a woman who currently serves as a full-time caretaker for a chronically ill family member.
  • The men in one congregation host and serve a breakfast for women on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. Along with the women of their congregation, the church invites women from the local homeless shelter to attend. The men plan and perform a funny skit or song each year. Some individuals share specific examples of the ways the women of the congregation have blessed their lives in the past year. A guest speaker leads a devotion to conclude the morning.
  • A CTA staff member comments, “I would like the women of my church to be reminded of what a blessing they are to their families and friends. Their faith walk as a friend, mother, daughter, or wife is extremely important. I would like to thank them for the many blessings their lives have given to their church, family, and friends. I remember thinking when I was single that even though I wasn’t a mom, it was good to know that I was nurturing my friends and family in their faith, as well as receiving nourishment myself.”
  • In one church, the men sponsor a Friday night “ladies’ night” each spring. They cater a light meal, a salad dinner or finger food and dessert. Then they show a Chonda Pierce video. Chonda is a Christian comedian with a powerful message for women. (Note: if you plan to show a video at your Mother’s Day celebrations, be sure to secure the necessary permissions.)

How will you honor women and their Christian service this Mother’s Day? 

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