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Calling All Teachers! Books to Read This July

CTA - Christ to All /Jul. 02, 2019
Calling All Teachers! Books to Read This July

By Cherie Werner

As a teacher, summer is the perfect time for the three Rs—rest, relax, and read! Along with all the fun things you plan to read this month, consider throwing in one or two books that could help you learn and grow as a teacher.

When asked, “What book has helped you become a better teacher?” a group of educators recommended the books below. (The title preceded by an * was recommended by more than one teacher.)

*Teach Like a Pirate by Dan Burgess

Teachers say: “I would classify this book as uplifting, creative, and motivating FOR ALL TEACHERS!”

The Classroom Management Secret  by Michael Linsin

Teachers say: “All of Michael Linsin’s books give very helpful and practical tips on how to manage a classroom. He breaks it down step-by-step and helps teachers know what to do in almost any situation.” 

Positive Words, Powerful Results by Hal Urban

Teachers say: “This book will make you think about the way you communicate with your students and other adults.” 

Promoting Harmony: Young Adolescent Development and Classroom Practices by David B. Strahan

Teachers say: “This book is a great resource (or refresher) for anyone teaching grades 5–8 (or interacting with middle grades in the hallways, lunchroom, playground, etc.). It's an easy read about appropriate development of young adolescents and classroom practices that are effective for instruction and leadership.” 

Coming of Age: The Education and Development of Young Adolescents by Kenneth Brighton

Teachers say: “This book is an awesome resource for understanding the developmental norms for young adolescents. So many stereotypes about YAs are being perpetuated unnecessarily. This book is super helpful in stepping back and taking a look at the wide range of what's developmentally appropriate behavior and growth for ages 10–14.” 

The Wild Card by Hope and Wade King

Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby Payne 

Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

The Daily 5 by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser 

Share with us! What books are you reading this month?

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