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Back-to-School Splash!

CTA - Christ to All /Jul. 15, 2019
Back-to-School Splash!

By admin

Have you seen CTA’s splash-tastic kids’ event outline Dive into God’s Word?

This jam-packed, Bible-based event is perfect for celebrating the back-to-school season! With CTA’s help, you’ll take kids on an exciting ocean adventure that features God’s Word, the most important supply to bring along on every one of life’s adventures!

Use these ideas to turn your Dive into God’s Word event into a back-to-school splash!

  • Add a mission focus to your back-to-school event. Collect shoes or school supplies and donate the items to people in need.
  • Add outdoor water features to your event and invite children to wear swimsuits.
  • Learning to read is an important part of kindergarten. So give kindergarten attendees the best book to read—the Bible!
  • Send each child home with an assortment of school supplies packed in a Dive into God’s Word drawstring tote.

How does your church celebrate kids going back to school?

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