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An Interview with Cyndee Ownbey on CTA’s New Women’s Ministry Leadership Manual

CTA - Christ to All /Feb. 01, 2022
An Interview with Cyndee Ownbey on CTA’s New Women’s Ministry Leadership Manual

By CTA—Christ to All

Terri Kreienkamp, the Women’s Ministry Product Manager at CTA, sat down with Cyndee Ownbey of Women’s Ministry Toolbox to discuss CTA’s brand-new Women’s Ministry Leadership Manual. The Women’s Ministry Leadership Manual is a collaboration between CTA and Women’s Ministry Toolbox to resource women’s ministry leaders with a comprehensive training manual for women’s ministry.

[You can read more about Cyndee Ownbey and Women’s Ministry Toolbox here.]

Terri Kreienkamp: Cyndee, could you tell our readers a little about yourself and Women’s Ministry Toolbox?

Cyndee Ownbey: I started Women’s Ministry Toolbox nine years ago after seeing the lack of quality, free resources on the internet for women’s ministry leaders. Years earlier, my church’s Women’s Ministry Director position was vacant. I prayed that God would send someone to be our leader, but then God surprised me and asked me to step out in faith and to take the position. Since then, I’ve been able to use my years of experience to encourage others trying to create a God-honoring women’s ministry through Women’s Ministry Toolbox.

[You can read more about Cyndee here.]

TK: What led you to partner with CTA to create the Women’s Ministry Leadership Manual?

CO: I have used CTA products in my own ministry for years—they have been my go-to resource for door prizes and gifts. I’ve always been impressed with their content, prices, and quality. The idea of collaborating with CTA to create resources for women’s ministry leaders was an easy “yes”!

As we brainstormed ideas, I mentioned the lack of leadership training materials. I knew that, together, we could create a solid resource that would reach more ministry leaders.

TK: What is the goal of the Women’s Ministry Leadership Manual?

CO: The goal is to provide biblical and practical materials that will help a leader develop a new (or strengthen an established) women’s ministry. The manual contains resources that will encourage, but it also has practical tools that will help leaders with the how-tos of women’s ministry.

We believe that a prayerful, intentional women’s ministry benefits everyone—the leaders, the participants, and even the rest of the church. 

TK: Why would a women’s ministry leader want this manual?

CO: The Leadership Manual cuts through the confusion of the what-to-do's and the how-to-do's of women’s ministry. It can be difficult to lead with confidence when you’re unsure of next steps. The Women’s Ministry Leadership Manual provides a clear path for women’s ministry leaders as they plan and implement their programs.

TK: How does the content set up leaders for success in leading a women’s ministry team?

CO: I’ve found teams have very little guidance to create their programs and calendars. Our leadership manual stands in that gap by providing tried-and-true tools and suggestions. It provides a solid framework for leaders to build upon. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the content is adaptable for your specific women’s ministry. I’ve culled my best advice, often from my biggest mistakes, and I’ve shared it in the manual.

TK: What other resources will be available to accompany this training manual?

CO: Later in 2022, we will be offering quarterly training packets. So many women’s ministry leaders have asked me for advice on what to do during their team meetings. The quarterly packets will provide leadership content you can add to your team meetings. We want to help develop the leaders on your team. We also have several forthcoming physical products that will tie in to the Women’s Ministry Leadership theme verse: Galatians 5:13 (ESV), “Through love serve one another.” I can’t wait for leaders to see and use them!