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Amber - a free devotion for men's ministry

CTA - Christ to All /Aug. 11, 2019
Amber - a free devotion for men's ministry

By Trevor Sutton


So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed (John 8:36 ESV).

Drip, drip, drip.

Sap flows from a broken tree limb as if it were a leaky faucet. The sticky resin pools on the ground as the sap continues to drip from the tree. Smelling the sweet liquid, a curious insect comes to investigate. Dipping just one leg into the sap proves disastrous. Immediately, this creature is stuck in the sap with no hope of escape.

Sap may not seem all that sinister. Yet, countless insects have died by dipping just one leg into a pool of sap. As it hardens and solidifies, the sap turns into a type of rock known as amber. This petrified sap sometimes contains the remains of an insect, frog, or plant—things that once seemed only momentarily trapped ultimately become entombed in the translucent rock forever.

Have you noticed the similarities between sin and sap? From a distance, they appear nonthreatening, pleasant, and even inviting. However, dip just a toe in and you are soon swallowed up. Sin has a way of sticking to us, staining everything it touches, and sapping the life out of us.

Just like the unsuspecting insect, we dip a toe into the pool of temptation at our peril. We end up totally stuck—unable to free ourselves. The harder we fight against it, the firmer its grip. The only way out is for someone to come and set us free.

Our God, our Rock, is stronger and more powerful than the sticky mess of petrified sin. Even before the beginning of the world, he had a plan to rescue us (1 Peter 1:18–21). In love, he would not allow his beloved children to stay trapped forever. And so, he sent a Savior.

In the cross of Jesus, God has set us free. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection broke the chains of death and crushed our sins. With his blood, he washed away the resin of sin that clings to our hearts and souls.

The cross of Jesus has given you new life! In him, you’ve been liberated, free to live a life of trust, thankfulness, and purpose.

Prayer starter: O Lord, break through the sin and guilt that trap me in. Set me free in Jesus so that . . .


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