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A Jumping Game

CTA - Christ to All /Jun. 02, 2021
A Jumping Game

By Julie Heath 

Engage your children in a fun and active jumping game. Who can jump the widest creek? 

What You’ll Need
2 Long jump ropes or long pieces of rope

2 Volunteer adult “lifeguards” who will move the ropes 

What You’ll Do

Start with the creek sides (the two ropes) placed side by side. Two or three children—space them out, depending on the length of rope you have—stand on one side of the rope and jump to the other side. The ropes are then widened and children jump the “creek” again. Continue widening the creek until children can no longer jump across without landing on the rope. Repeat process until all have had a chance to jump. Observers can encourage or cheer on participants as they wait their turn.