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6 Steps to Avoid the Fall Frenzy

CTA - Christ to All /Jun. 25, 2018
6 Steps to Avoid the Fall Frenzy

By admin

It’s deep summer - hazy and perhaps a bit lazy. But not yet crazy!

Before you face the time crunch of late August . . . Before recruiting volunteers for fall programs puts you into a panic . . . Before you give up the luxury of time to slow down and think things through . . . Gather your team to plan next fall’s event and programs.

Here are six quick steps to get you ready for fall:

1. Revisit your mission statement and ministry goals. Ask Jesus to guide your planning and bless your efforts.

2. Brainstorm ideas. Let them flow. Don’t consider cost, space, or the need for volunteers. Just let the dreams come. After you have a list, revisit it. What might be possible with a tweak here and a tuck there?

3. Review last year. Ask:

  • What went well? How could we repeat, extend, or expand it?
  • What specific improvements could we try?
  • What should we drop?
  • What new options (from step #2) seem promising?

4. Now, forage for ideas. Check creative websites, blogs, friends, colleagues, bookstores. (And check out CTA’s Resource & Idea Center!) You might not duplicate someone else’s approach, but that person’s stories may trigger other workable ideas.

5. Put your chosen events on the church calendar. Coordinate with other leaders in your church. By starting early, you’ll make negotiations easier.

6. Explore your church directory, asking God to open your eyes to potential volunteers. Before you pick up the phone, plan a recruitment strategy. Have in mind a compelling picture of your dream. Then make contact with potential workers, assuring them that since you’ve begun early, there will be plenty of time to organize and execute your plans.

Make the most of the hazy, lazy days of summer to plan for the craziness of September and beyond. You’ll be glad you did!

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