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Valentine's Day

5 Things Your Spouse Would Love to Hear from You

CTA - Christ to All /Feb. 07, 2022
5 Things Your Spouse Would Love to Hear from You

By Bethany Pitman 

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and chocolates, cards, balloons, and flowers line the stores’ shelves. What if, instead of (or in addition to) a gift on February 14, you wrote your spouse four or five meaningful notes? You could space them throughout the week of Valentine’s Day, or you could give one note each week during the month of February.   

  1. Thank you. Include some specific things for which you want to thank your spouse. It can be anything from the way he or she makes sure the kids’ lunches are packed and forms are signed to a major project your spouse recently tackled.  
  2. You are beautiful to me. In the midst of work, family, friends, etc., it can be easy to forget to remind your spouse that you still find him or her attractive. Choose one physical trait of your spouse and comment on it specifically.  
  3. You matter to me. Unfortunately, spouses often bear the brunt of a busy season at work or the whirlwind of kids’ activities and commitments. It can be easy to feel like the last priority on someone’s list. In this note, you could highlight a way you plan to put your spouse first in the upcoming week.  
  4. My favorite memory with you is . . .Share a memory with your spouse that reminds you of something you love about him or her.  
  5. I’m still learning from you. This note is a chance to highlight one or more of your spouse’s strengths. What lessons or skills have you learned from your spouse?   

As you write each note for your spouse, you can pray for him or her and for your relationship. Take note of how the Lord works in your relationship and through those notes! Whether you and your spouse are in a season of blossom or a season of work, these notes will provide much-needed affirmation.   

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