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4 Ways to Reach Out to Those Who Have Not Returned after COVID

CTA - Christ to All /Jul. 19, 2021
4 Ways to Reach Out to Those Who Have Not Returned after COVID

By CTA – Christ to All


While you may begin to see many faces return to your congregation, there may be others who have not yet returned, even as things settle down. Here are four practical ways to show them you care:

  1. Praying This is the most effective and practical way to provide support to those who have not returned to your church. Lift them up in prayer to God, asking him to meet their needs and draw them to himself.
  2. Calling them Letting them know that they are missed and valued is important to those who have been disconnected from your congregation. They want to know that they are truly a meaningful part of your church and that you care for their relationship with God.
  3. Offering understanding Focus on reassurance and encouragement. Instead of pressuring them to return, ask them how you can be a blessing to them.
  4. Being a blessing Remind them that you want to see them again and are always open to offer support should they need it. Make known how the ministries you have available—such as online options, home deliveries of physical goods or resources and visitation—can be of help to them and meet them where they are.


Be willing to invest personally in those who have not returned to church gatherings. The Good Shepherd leaves the ninety-nine and goes after the one (Luke 15:4–7). This means every member of your flock is enormously valuable to God. Your efforts are never in vain. You never know how God will use a simple phone call or word of encouragement to draw someone near to him.


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