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3 New Types of Volunteers

CTA - Christ to All /Jul. 27, 2020
3 New Types of Volunteers

This summer it hasn’t been common to see VBS helpers with children crowded around them but that doesn’t mean volunteers were missing from the scene. The effects of safety restrictions around the COVID-19 pandemic brought new needs to churches and communities. Look around your church for these new volunteers and show them your appreciation today. Then look for ways to welcome them to your future activities.

  1. The Caring Souls—these are the people who immediately understood the seriousness of isolation. They put into place phone trees, they called people living alone, they checked on young adults who were suddenly drifting when the nation shut down. Thank them for reaching out at a time when they were feeling the pressure, too.
  2. The Givers—these people heard of furloughs and jobs lost and recognized there would be families needing help to put food on the table and pay for their utilities. They organized donations and many of them donated generously themselves. Recognize their generosity and help them realize the joy they found in giving.
  3. The Prayers—these are the people who held you up in the midst of it, who asked how they could pray for you, who organized prayer chains in order to keep your church family and community going. Say a prayer of thanks for them today and then send an email or text to let them know you did that.

 The urgent needs we experienced this year mobilized people who may not have been actively involved in your ministry prior to this. Take time to talk with them personally, use the Making a Difference: Inspiring Lives journal to help them think about their new role, and help them grow in their service to the Lord and His people.

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