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17 Ideas for Your Church’s Christmas Gifts

CTA - Christ to All /Oct. 25, 2022
17 Ideas for Your Church’s Christmas Gifts

17 Ideas for Your Church’s Christmas Gifts

Celebrate your people and reinforce the meaning of Christmas—within your church’s 2022 budget! 

Table of Contents: 

Why should we spend time and money on Christmas gifts for people in our church? 

We’re here to talk about church Christmas gift ideas, but before we do, let’s set the scene…. 

The last carol has been sung, those little white candles are in the trash, the instruments are in their cases, and you’ve shut off all the lights. As you walk out of your church—an exhausting but fruitful season of Advent ministry behind you—here’s what matters: 

Will people take the real message of Christmas with them into their everyday lives? 

We at CTA create devotionals, journals, gifts, and ornaments, so you don’t have to wonder! We design products meant to support your ministry while you’re at church, but just as crucially when people have left because you want people to live as everyday disciples and not just “church service attendees.” 

There are no “best practices” when considering whether to spend time and money on Christmas gifts. But before Advent even begins, we recommend you look at your church and ask four questions: 

  1. What segment of our church needs encouragement right now?

As you think about your congregation, where is your vitality lagging? A Christmas gift can be part of an overall strategy to show them how much you value them. 

Segments of your church to consider: 

  • Staff members 
  • Volunteers and volunteer leadership 
  • Small groups (from their leaders or your Community Pastor) 
  • Shut-ins 
  • People in the hospital 
  1. Who are we having trouble reaching right now?

Maybe it feels like you’re having trouble connecting with younger families. Or older adults. Or visitors, who seem to be slipping in for Advent services and slipping out as soon as Christmas is over. 

Consider gifts as part of your strategy to deepen their ties to your church. 

  1. What scriptural truths do we need people to connect with?

When you’re trying to instill the truth of Christmas in a distracted congregation, sometimes it helps to give them something they can carry with them outside of your church that will remind them of what they received at church. 

  1. What event or outreach would benefit from a take-home gift or giveaway to extend the ministry moment?

Whether it’s a Christmas Tea, a children’s concert, an Advent Preparation Series, or a massive community celebration, you want more than a moment of encouragement for people. You’re after a genuine life change.  

If you give them a token that will help them remember what they learned, they’ll be able to return to that truth every time they see it. 

How Is CTA Supporting Churches This Christmas? 

Because Christmas is such a busy time of year, most Christians struggle to stay focused on God's incredible gift wrapped up in the person of Jesus.  

We’re sure you’ve found this in your ministry. And maybe you’ve discovered it’s true for you, too, as you wrap gifts for your loved ones, attend shows and parties, and put the finishing touches on your Christmas program.  

(What’s that? The shepherd came down with a cold and can’t sing “Away in a Manger”? Again?) 

Our product line, A Gift Given, A World Changed, offers a daily devotional, journal, and gifts that reinforce the many names of Jesus and all He means to our world, so you can help people stay focused on Jesus, the greatest gift, all season long. 

We have products that will help you reinforce this message, but if you choose to feature the theme of A Gift Given, A World Changed in your services, you can download themed: 

  • Bulletin covers 
  • Postcards (inviting people to Christmas services) 
  • Socially Speaking posts 
  • Theme art in high-res and low-res for your comms director 

Here are gift ideas based around our 2022 theme—and a few bonus ideas, too! 

Gifts for Leaders, Congregation Members, and Visitors 

  1. Devotions for December Book: A Gift Given. A World Changed.

Written by author and multisite church pastor A. Trevor Sutton, this devotional takes a journey through many of Jesus’ names, like “King of kings” and “Son of David.” With prompts for prayer and reflection, this book can serve as a tool to guide your people through Advent. 

It also connects to most of the following gift ideas. When paired with the book, each becomes an opportunity to create and extend ministry moments for the entire month of December. 

  1. Lined Journal: A Gift Given. A World Changed.

As your people journey through the Advent season (and all the craziness surrounding it), you can encourage them to use this 160-page journal to take message notes and record their prayers. 

We highly recommend this for Bible study leaders, staff members, and volunteers.  

Gift Sets 

Our gift sets come Wrapped & Ready®—bundled together and easy to hand out. These are “easy button” gifts recommended for guests, leaders, and Sunday School teachers. All items are focused around the Scripture, “Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!” (2 Corinthians 9:15 ESV). 

  1. Devotions for December Book & Pen Set - A Gift Given. A World Changed.

  1. Journaling Gift Set - A Gift Given. A World Changed.


The Journaling Gift Set includes a journal, pen, ornament, and gift bag. 

  1. Christmas Gift Set - A Gift Given. A World Changed.

This Christmas Gift Set includes an ornament, pen and bookmark set, wooden Scripture tree, and gift bag. 

Gift Set for Visitors and Pastoral Care Visits 

  1. Visitor/Homebound Christmas Set - A Gift Given. A World Changed.

We created this particular gift set for people your church may not have much contact with. You can easily hand it to people who drop by guest services. And you can carry several with you on hospital visits or other pastoral care calls. 

Like the other gift sets, each item features 2 Corinthians 9:15. It includes: 

  • The Pen and Bookmark Gift Set 
  • Pack of 8 Scripture Cards 
  • Themed magnet 
  • Gift bag (so you have something to put it all in!) 

These decorative ideas work well on their own. However, if the people in your church are using our devotional, A Gift Given, A World Changed, for small groups, or if you’re using any related materials for an ongoing message series, consider sending these as take-home gifts to extend the ministry moment. Or just display them where you think they’ll make the most significant impact. 

  1. Wall Banner Art - A Gift Given. A World Changed.

This wall banner features the names: 

  • Savior 
  • Messiah 
  • Almighty 
  • Immanuel 
  • King of kings 
  • Good Shepherd 
  • Prince of Peace 
  1. Wood Scripture Tree - The Names of Jesus

The Wood Scripture Tree features the names: 

  • God 
  • King 
  • Friend 
  • Savior 
  • Messiah 
  • Immanuel 
  • Shepherd 
  1. Scripture Cards of Joy - A Gift Given. A World Changed.

These eight cards feature eight of Jesus’ biblical names. One side features a Bible verse, while the back connects the biblical truth to our lives today. They include an envelope so you (or the people in your church) can mail them instead of a greeting card. 

These are great take-homes or gift bag additions for events or guest services. 

  1. Magnet - A Gift Given. A World Changed.

  1. Gift Bag - A Gift Given. A World Changed.

  1. Greeting Card - A Gift Given. A World Changed.

Unique Gift Ideas: Ornaments of Faith® 

These exclusive designs arrive boxed and ready to hang. The reverse side contains a Scripture. These ornaments are one way to tell your volunteers and staff members—those who go above and beyond—how much you love them. 

  1. Silent Night Ornament of Faith®

Wrapped in the light of the lantern, this ornament captures the moment when Mary and Joseph first took in the wonder of the baby Jesus.  

  1. 15. Hidden Gift of Christmas - Ornament of Faith®

This pewter-finish ornament shares both the Christmas and Easter message of Christ, born to be our Savior. 

  1. 16. Ornament of Faith® - O Night Divine

Help remind others in your church of the Christmas journey to inspire their life journeys as they seek Christ. Its star shape is reminiscent of the star the Magi saw as they journeyed to see the baby, Jesus.