Top 5 Trends in Church Staffing

Today’s churches look and feel completely different than they did 10 years ago and church staffs are changing, too. From new hires to new job descriptions, here are the top five trends happening in church staffs now.

  1. Since 2015, Millennials have held the largest share of America’s workforce. That means that more than one-third of employees are Millennials (born between 1981 and 1997). This trend is prevalent in ministry, too, as churches look to hire young people with digital know-how and fresh ideas.
  2. Church staffs are eliminating ministry silos. They are looking to hire people for overall talent, rather than specific expertise or interest.
  3. Children’s ministry, in particular, is seeing a real transformation. Churches aren’t looking for the traditional college-aged youth-group leader or a preschooler leader or any other age-specific professionals. They are looking for family ministers and leaders. They are putting together teams of staff members and volunteers that will get all ages involved in ministry.
  4. Church staffs want training - convenient, practical ministry training. Every staff member needs the skills to lead and engage worshippers. They aren’t clamoring for a seminary education, but a personal way to learn while they work.
  5. The job description of pastors is changing. Many churches realize that preaching every Sunday, shepherding a flock of 1,000 members, and leading the administrative business of the church is too much for one pastor. Some are appointing “executive pastors” to head the church’s organization and structure while another pastor takes care of the congregational duties. In a wider sense, churches have been encouraging other staff members to take on more of a business role, as well.

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