Tips to Appreciate Teacher, Mom, Dad and Grad


By Gail Marsh

Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 14)

  • What a value! You can order CTA’s Bouquet of Blessings ceramic mugs and prayer journals in bulk - just in time for Mother’s Day! Invite every woman in church to accept this gift as a “thank you” for all they do.
  • Treat the women at your local shelter or maternity ward to one of CTA’s Reflections: The Woman God Sees devotional prayer journals. Then, check out the FREE, downloadable resources in this theme to spark additional outreach ideas.
  • Dedicate the entire month of May to serving the women of your church. Ask female worshippers to place suggestions in a box labeled: Women of God—Let’s Make It Happen. Enlist a group of energized volunteers to gather the suggestions and work to make them happen. For example: women may want more retreats, a playground at church, or a list of reliable Christian babysitters. They may wish the restrooms had better lighting, or they may want to start a Mom’s Day Out hosted by the church.

Memorial Day (Monday, May 29)

  • Invite all military service members (past and present) to come forward for prayer during your worship service on May 28. Pray for those individuals and thank them for their service with one of CTA’s Praying for our Nation bookmark and flag pins.
  • Plan to show this short skit from the Skit Guys before or after worship on Memorial Day weekend.
  • Did you know that proper flag etiquette calls for the flag to be flown at half-staff from dawn until noon on Memorial Day? Consider hosting a brief prayer service shortly before noon on Memorial Day. Pray for veterans, current service personnel, and all military families. Plan to end the service at noon, and then lead participants to the flagpole. Raise the flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance together.
  • CTA offers a FREE, downloadable commemoration service for Memorial Day and other patriotic holidays.

Father’s Day (Sunday, June 18)

  • Begin a new tradition this year! Choose any day during the month of June to host an “unplugged” event. Invite worshippers to hike, bowl, play mini golf, or tour local sites of interest as a church family. (Groups often qualify for discounts and you can encourage participants to sponsor families in need of financial assistance.) Consider ordering t-shirts for everyone who attends your event. Check out CTA’s Custom Connections t-shirts to pick a style and design.
  • During the month of June, encourage the men in your congregation to join your local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Fathers in the Field, or other mentoring program. Host an informational booth before church or invite a local spokesperson to present information at your monthly men’s meeting.


  • CTA has the perfect gifts for your grads! Check out the Celebrate the Past, Embrace the Future gift set. You can personalize the gift by placing a picture of your youth group inside the picture frame. Wherever they go, the grads will have a reminder that your church is praying for them.
  • Honor high school grads with a video before worship services on a designated “Graduation Sunday.” Include various pictures taken from past youth gatherings, retreats, and service projects. Feature a graduation picture of each student and conclude by inviting all grads to come up front for recognition and prayer. Thank God for the gifts and abilities he’s given each graduate and pray that his continued guidance would be on all of the grads as they take their next steps. As you conclude the service, present each graduate with a Journey On, Never Alone gift book.

Vacation Bible School

  • Go on the road for VBS this year! Plan several one-night children’s events throughout your community. Plan to use CTA’s Jesus Is . . . products and FREE event outline to guide your plans. Present the Gospel message to kids in underserved locations. Or, take your event to rural areas where it’s sometimes difficult to get enough children for a traditional weeklong VBS. Talk to pastors and youth ministers throughout your surrounding communities and work together to share Jesus with as many children as possible!


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