Short on Time? Download this FREE Retreat Guide

Short on Time? Download the FREE Mini Retreat

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall . . .”

Appearances mean a lot in the world around us. Unfortunately, many women wish they could change their appearance - a smaller nose, whiter teeth, thicker hair. What a comfort to know that, thanks to Jesus, God sees past all that. He sees believers as they truly are: his forgiven, holy, flawless, dearly loved creations.

CTA has created a women’s mini retreat Reflections: The Woman God Sees, and it’s available for FREE download now! In the retreat, women make the most of a short two- or three-hour time frame. CTA’s topics challenge women to go further than making a checklist of Bible verses—they’ll take a close look at their feelings of self-worth, study how God’s love impacts them personally, and see how Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross makes them priceless.

The FREE retreat outline helps leaders by providing a schedule of events, gift suggestions for speakers and attendees, and discussion worksheets for participants. The retreat is completely customizable, but focuses on three small-group discussion topics:

  • Delightful (Isaiah 62:4)
  • Jesus Glasses (Romans 5:8)
  • Beautifully Strong and Serving (Isaiah 61:3

You can go through the retreat guide step-by-step, eliminate sections to save time, or lengthen the event with discussion topics of your own. No matter how you do it, this retreat is sure to leave each woman with a renewed confidence in God’s love and the ultimate gift of forgiveness that Jesus won on the cross.

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