Prepping Everyone for Back-to-School

Start the year off right with encouraging gifts for teachers, parents, and kids

By Alison Zeller

Back-to-school season is filled with parents trying to figure out a new routine, teachers readying their classrooms, and kids making their final summer memories. But, before the official first day gets here, let’s do one more thing: remind parents, teachers, and kids that Jesus’ love goes with them this school year!

When it comes to back-to-school season, many CTA customers order CTA’s #serve gifts to give to the teens in their ministry. You can choose from backpacks, water bottles, and dry erase wall decals - each features a special Bible verse to encourage teens.

Monica Brooks of Evergreen Baptist Church in Doerun, Georgia, ordered the #gracesaved water bottles last year. “We gave these water bottles out to the kids at our church for back-to-school gifts,” she said. “They were a big hit. They seem to be made well and are sturdy.”                       

Liz Perez also ordered from the theme last year. She purchased the #unashamed drawstring backpack because the theme name matches the name of her youth group. “We used these as giveaways at our back-to-school service for our Unashamed youth group and they loved them,” said Liz. “They’re the perfect size to fit folders and notebook paper.” Check out available backpacks here.           

Rowena Hoblin serves as the Director of Religious Education at the Church of St. Augustine in New City, New York. Her ministry hosts a number of children’s events each year, but she wanted something special for the students returning to religion classes last fall. “I ordered the customizable tote for all of my catechists,” she said. “I gave them out during our orientation meeting at the beginning of the school year. Everybody loved them!”

Rowena said an added benefit of the customizable tote was that other worshippers would see the students carrying them and see the impact of the ministry. Plus, she hopes it will encourage other young people to join their group.
After you’ve purchased back-to-school gifts for the children in your ministry, don’t forget about the parents! This season can be extremely stressful for them, too. That’s why CTA published Calming Your Chaos. The pocket-sized book features quick, meaningful, relevant devotions that speak to today's parents.

Virginia Wilson of First United Methodist Church of Oneonta, New York, ordered Calming Your Chaos for the parents in her church. “This seems like the perfect little guide to give to families at the beginning of the school year when schedules become full and family life becomes more chaotic,” she said.

And lastly, what about the teachers? They are about to embark on a 10-month journey with the children - they need lots of encouragement!            

Kimberly Cook of Piner Baptist Church in Morning View, Kentucky, handed out a pen and bookmark gift set to the church’s school teachers, aides, cafeteria, and custodial workers during their back-to-school blessing. “It is a nice set,” she said. “The words on the bookmark were just what we wanted to convey to these folks!”

Kimberly liked the gift set so much, she ordered more to give to the teachers and staff at the local elementary school.
How will you send off the parents, teachers, and children in your church this back-to-school season? CTA’s website features dozens of themes and gifts that might work for your ministry. Check out the children’s ministry, volunteer and staff appreciation, and faith encouragement pages today!      


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