FunFest Timely Tips

Have you been praying that I’d include puns in this Funfest issue? Well, fear not, your prayers have been answered! Let’s start with a few tips for proper wordplay.

  • Serve the Lord and others with joy, sharing puns along the way. Children may not understand, but groan-ups love them!
  • When struggling to figure out a play on words, make sure you’re not leaning on your own punderstanding.
  • Have some fun, like when you were a child. Play outside! Play on the swing set! And certainly don’t forget to play on words!


Random Pun Fun

  • Someone threw a bottle of Omega 3 pills at me! Thankfully my injuries were only super fish oil.
  • A woman placed her library books under the “returns” sign at the front desk. The librarian quickly paged through the books, making sure everything was in order. Puzzled, the librarian said, “Ma’am, it looks like the last pages of all these books are missing.”

The lady responded, “I’m so sorry. I’m a surgeon, and I can't stop myself from removing an appendix whenever I see one."

  • Yesterday, I ate a clock. It was very time consuming. Especially when I went back for seconds.
  • The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Washington, D.C., named after the man who wrote the national anthem, has more than its share of traffic jams. That’s why some call it the “Car Strangled Spanner.”
  • I’m not certain, but I’m guessing math was discovered by Henry the 1/8.
  • I told my family a chemistry joke, but it didn’t get a reaction.
  • I walked into a room and noticed the curtains were drawn. The rest of the furniture was real.


Just the ticket!

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Thank you for these. Just the thing needed in these days of summer. Something fun and smile creating.

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