Free Fall Event Outlines

Two NEW Fall Festival Event Outlines

Gather your church families and invite the neighborhood - it’s time for a fall festival! CTA has created two all-new, FREE Halloween-alternative event outlines that make planning easier than ever: Time to Shine for Jesus and Sharing the Salvation Story.

Both fall festival events encourage children to share Jesus our Savior with their family and friends. The event outline explains exactly how church staff and volunteers can teach the kids: there’s a script to follow when explaining the Bible verse, instructions for creating kid-friendly crafts, and suggestions for using additional FREE resources from CTA. Plus, you’ll get extra ideas for decorations, snacks, and games.

No matter the size, location, or budget of your church, a Halloween alternative event is a wonderful outreach opportunity. Look to to find everything you need to celebrate God’s wonderful love for us in Jesus this fall!


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