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By Alison Zeller

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and by now, you’ve probably started planning ways to recognize those who serve as shepherds to your flock. You may be planning an appreciation banquet, purchasing gift certificates, or fulfilling your pastors’ wish lists at the Christian bookstore. But every church knows you can only do so much with a tight budget. Even so, your thank-you efforts don’t have to stop there!

Have you visited CTA’s Resource & Idea Center lately? There’s an entire section of resources devoted to Pastor Appreciation Month - and they’re all FREE! Click through the links below and you’ll be sure to find a few budget-friendly ways to recognize your pastors.

  • CTA employees make sure to thank their pastors every October and they want to share their ideas with you! Here’s a list of 20 ideas to use at your church. You’ll find several different ways to say thank you like planting a tree in your pastors’ honor, serving your pastors’ families, making an appreciation video, and much more!
  • Some worshippers may not be able to attend a pastor appreciation banquet. Some individuals may not be able to contribute a gift certificate or other monetary gift. Other worshippers simply need more ideas for showing their continued appreciation for your pastors. Remember, everyone in your church family can pray for your pastors. Download this FREE pastor appreciation prayer guide from CTA. It provides one week of prayers to lift up your pastors and several prompts to help worshippers realize just how much pastors give to your church.

Debi, a church administrative assistant from Wichita, handed out these prayers to worshippers last year. She said, “Wow! What a great opportunity and blessing to get every member involved with Pastor Appreciation Month. Thanks for the idea!”

  • If you’re trying to express your heartfelt thanks with written words, download this FREE pastor appreciation prayer. You and your pastors will enjoy the fun, yet sincere, word play in this prayer written by CTA author Tim Wesemann. Print it in your church newsletter or bulletin, or handwrite a few of the lines in your pastor appreciation cards.
  • For worship services or formal appreciation banquets, CTA offers a FREE Scripture-packed prayer for your pastors. It provides biblical references to Timothy, Titus, 1 Peter, and Hebrews. Use it as the basis for a pastor appreciation tribute during worship services or simply as a prayer before the formal meal begins.

Encourage worshippers to write personal notes to your pastors using CTA’s pastor appreciation postcards. If you plan in advance, you can preprint the postcards with your pastor’s address and hand them out on the first Sunday in October. Then, worshippers can send their notes of appreciation to the pastors all throughout the month. If you’d rather give your pastors the cards all at once, set up a table in the entry way and invite worshippers to write notes before services begin. Be sure to give out CTA’s FREE “We Love Our Pastor” stickers as worshippers turn in their handwritten cards.

Did you know that CTA offers FREE downloadable resources for almost every ministry need? As your church starts planning for the holiday season, look for FREE Ministry Messages, event outlines, invitations, thank-you cards, and much more!


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